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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Stun weapons and EMD (TASER® Brand device) weapons?

What are the issues concerning the Citizen ownership of the TASER® Brand devices?

Are there any restrictions to fly or travel international with a TASER® Brand device?

Are TASER® Brand Electronic Control devices considered firearms?

Is using a TASER® Brand device similar to shooting a gun?

Is the TASER® Brand device a lethal weapon?

Are TASER® Brand device more dangerous to people with cardiac pacemakers or affect the heart?

Isn't high voltage lethal?

Will a TASER® Brand device cause electrocution?

How can the TASER® X26c be so effective yet non-injurious?

What has testing revealed regarding the TASER® X26c?

What are the after effects?

Must the TASER® Brand device probes penetrate the body to be effective?

Does a TASER® C2 work on animals?

How does a TASER® X26c work?

What if the TASER® Brand device probes miss?

What is the best shot at maximum range for the TASER® X26c?

Does temperature have a detrimental effect on the TASER® X26c?

What is a TASER® C2, and why do you need one?

Is the TASER® C2 or the TASER® X26c the same model that law enforcement officers use?

Please describe the required activation background check process. How do you prevent selling a TASER® C2 to criminals?

How many times can I use a TASER® Brand cartridge?

How does the TASER® C2 shoot out the probes?

What are AFID tags?

What does the TASER® Brand name mean?

What is the Manufacturer's Lifetime Replacement Guarantee for the TASER® C2?

Is there a money-back guarantee for the TASER® C2?

Is there a manufacturer's warranty for the TASER® C2?

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